bod - Music for Self Esteem (2020)

bod - Music for Self Esteem (2020)

Название: bod - Music for Self Esteem (2020)
Жанр: Experimental, Electronic
Год выпуска: 2020
Количество треков: 37
Время звучания: 1:37:05
Качество: 320kbps
Размер: 224 MB

3 мая 2020 

8 bit / Experimental


Альбомные теги: Experimental Electronic VA

Список песен (треклист)

01. Please Listen to the Whole Album It'll Be Rewarding I 02:21
02. My Hypergraphia Is Exploitable but I Refuse to Allow 04:20
03. Music for Self Esteem 03:30
04. Free Will Isn't Free 00:42
05. Every Song Sounds Different Trust Me 03:43
06. Unexpected Resurgence of Traumatic Childhood Memories 04:09
07. Periodical Acceptance of Chaos 01:10
08. LA Was Worth the Struggle but I Had to Leave 02:26
09. For Everyone Who Released Shorter or Secretive Works 01:37
10. Dedicated to Amen (reinvigoration of a sense of aesth 03:20
11. Dedicated to Beerwizard (a memory of a different self 06:17
12. Dedicated to Danse Noire (the briefest, weakest, most 01:56
13. Dedicated to Knives (self criticism feeding back into 02:25
14. Dedicated to Pastel Voids (blindly allowing the trigg 02:16
15. Dedicated to Quantum Natives (a sudden freedom to exp 03:04
16. Dedicated to Year0001 (coherence of the self) 02:07
17. Dedicated to Yegorka (absolution) 02:20
18. Dedicated to Zoom Lens (message to the western instru 02:03
19. My Best Friend in Berlin 03:00
20. The Pursuit of Complexifying Unities 04:08
21. God Is the Summation of All Interpretable Structures 02:54
22. My Teeth Are Fucking Ugly 02:15
23. I Only Listen to Rap and Grouper 01:41
24. Deconstructed Pop Music 03:02
25. I Want so Badly to Be Famous 03:17
26. The World Has Chosen Its Leaders 02:08
27. Repost Do the Most and Sharing Is Caring 01:26
28. You Can't Tell Me Who I Am I Don't Even Know Who I Am 02:52
29. Shamefully Asking for Help 01:28
30. Giving Away My Secrets 01:07
31. Accelerationism Is Fucking Evil 03:06
32. If Warp Doesn't Sign Me I'm Quitting Music 02:49
33. Give Me the Benefit of the Doubt All My Actions Are I 02:05
34. Music for Therapy and Analysis 02:37
35. I Don't Want This to Stop 03:12
36. If I Was White It'd Just Be Called Classical Music 02:17
37. Left Alone the Stars They Shine and Breaking Through 01:55

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